Büro zu vermieten in Zürich

Liebe Freunde,

nachdem die zimtkorn im März ein neues Büro (neue Adresse: Bachstrasse, 8038 Zürich, direkt am See vor der roten Fabrik) bezogen hat, ist unser altes Büro nun ab sofort frei.

Koordinaten: Sumatrastrasse 25, 8006 Zürich, 5 Minuten zu Fuss vom Hauptbahnhof am Stampfenbachplatz
Fläche: 100 qm verteilt auf 3 Räume im 2. Stock
Inklusive: Sitzungszimmer im EG zur Mitbenützung und separater Abstellraum
Einrichtung: Modern mit Laminat, voll verkabelt und vernetzt
Preis: CHF 2700 (gilt ab September wo unser Mietvertrag ausläuft, vorher verhandelbar :)

Bei Interesse einfach eine kurze Rückmeldung: 043 317 82 92 oder 078 807 66 50

Press Release Bus2Alps AG

//Press Release//
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Bus2alps Ltd. organizes emergency transport for 200 Amercian students stranded in Munich
Students celebrating the annual Fruhlingsfest in Munich were among the thousands stranded this past weekend due to the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano ash cloud. Bus2alps Ltd, a Switzerland based student travel agency, made sure they got home in time for class on Monday.

Munich, Germany, April 18, 2010
: This weekend more than 1,000 American study abroad students travelled from all over Europe to congregate at the opening weekend of Munich’s annual Frühlingsfest. This cultural weekend abroad suffered a major setback when the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano ash cloud shut down the surrounding airports and all departing flights were cancelled. Trains departing Munich were sold out in minutes leaving hundreds of students stranded in Munich with no confirmed date of departure, and no way to make it back for their last week of classes and final exams.

Swiss based student travel agency; Bus2Alps Ltd. had brought more than 150 passengers to the opening weekend of Frühlingfest. Bus2alps was quick to offer up the few empty seats on their buses returning to Italy. As word spread the main office was inundated with phone calls and emails from students and parents requesting help. While the head office fielded phone calls and assuaged the fears of worried parents, the Bus2Alps team in Munich began to organize more transport options. Together with help from Wombats and Jaegers youth hostels, Mike’s Bike Tours, and Seitz Reisen Bus2Alps was able to secure additional buses.

Capacity on the buses was filled as quickly as it was made available. By 10:00 am Sunday morning the Bus2Alps team had secured 4 extra buses to transport more than 200 students back to Barcelona, Florence and Rome in time for class on Monday morning.

When asked why Bus2Alps would go through this extra effort, founder Simon Okeeffe stated “We are the top student travel agency in Europe. We are dependent on students enjoying travel, and traveling safely. Regardless whether the students were our passengers or not, if we didn’t help out we would be breaking the trust we have with our clients, their parents, and their schools.”


Media Contact:
Jonathan Fauver
Bus2Alps Ltd
Hauptstrasse 15
3800 Matten b. Interlaken
Phone: +41 (0) 33 534 98 76
Skype: jonfauver

bus2alps: Flug Ersatz Transfers: Barcelona nach München für EUR 150.-

Aufgrund der zahlreichen Nachfragen, haben wir für unsere Gäste Spezial-Bustransfers organisiert. Heute Nachmittag startet ein solcher Transfer von Barcelona nach München und kann hier gebucht werden.

Bootsfahrt auf der Aare mit Outdoor Interlaken

Eine der neuen Aktivitäten, welche die Outdoor Interlaken AG anbietet ist die Bootsfahrt auf der Aare. Von Thun nach Bern auf der Aare, ein gemütlicher Trip für die ganze Familie, die Firma oder den Verein. Je nach Action Lust, kann man dann auf der Simme (River Rafting Simme Class II/III) oder auf der Lütschine (River Rafting Lütschine, Class III/IV) noch mehr erleben. Mehr Infos erhält man unter diesem Link.